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We bring the best artisans together in one place and deliver their fresh,
honest, quality produce direct to your table. Meet our farmers, bakers, 
and more to discover the finest seasonal produce Great Britain has to offer.

We are constantly joining forces with more and more local (and not-so-local)
likeminded, hardworking, passionate folk,
 so keep an eye on our regular
producer's list updates!
 What a better way to know where your food comes from!


Wheatberry is an artisan bakery and patisserie

that draws inspiration from well tested and

perfected French techniques. Cassie and Wojtek,

a husband and wife team who relocated to Glasgow from Brighton just over two years ago, have a deep love for laminated doughs and everything sourdough!


Cassie is a Pastry Master and Wojtek is a Bread Magician! Their ethos is being a local bakery in every sense of the word, and using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients for all their ever evolving bakes. 

The couple puts a lot of care in the making and preparing of their bread and pastries.

The hand-crafted bread goes through a long fermentation which allows for the dough to develop

a full flavour and, using local Scottish flour in this process, allows for its quality to be fully celebrated

and appreciated.

Their business is an active supporter of the Real Bread Campaign which perfectly describes real bread: “Real Bread has nothing to hide. It is made with simple, natural ingredients and NO artificial additives

”. Wheatberry bread is exactly this; Local Scottish flour, salt, water – nothing to hide."



Ariel and Gerry met while working together at the Kember and Jones production unit – Ariel the baker and Gerry the driver. This is where Soja’s Bakehouse started but the story begins years before…

Ariel’s career in the kitchen began twelve years ago when he arrived in Glasgow from his native Poland. As a chef de partie in Café Zique, an opportunity arose to train as a baker. This is where Ariel discovered his true passion.

Gerry followed a similar path in hospitality, working across various roles in kitchens and bars across Glasgow, from the age of sixteen. When Gerry started working in Kember and Jones alongside Ariel they clicked instantly and would spend shifts discussing their desire to expand and develop the business. So when the opportunity arose to pursue their dream and open their own bakehouse they grasped this with both hands. It was with this leap of faith that Soja’s Bakehouse was born.

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Gordon Caldwell Established GC Growers in 2007, Under-Pinned by a commitment to produce and supply Ayrshire with fresh seasonal vegetables.


Providing customers with vegetables grown in Ayrshire soil, reducing food miles travelled to people’s plate and ensuring vegetables are accessible, fresh, and most importantly tasty is at the core of everything we do!


Ayrshire can boast soil with a high natural fertility and temperate climatic conditions. This gives us a long growing season that helps us to produce freshly dug carrots (specifically dirty carrots, ensuring they are the tastiest and freshest when they reach the dinner plate!), Turnips, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Beetroot, Cabbage, Romanesco, Leeks, Brussels Sprouts and Rhubarb when they are in season.

Farm to table in a day with the best quality produce you can get your hands on in Ayrshire!



100% West Coast sea water and nothing else!

At Blackthorn, we understand that Salt is the single most transformative ingredient of all time. Clean and unrefined, the taste of our Salt is everything a discerning palate requires – sweet, with a

mouth-watering tang. Used cleverly it can transform the mediocre, enhance a range of flavours

or add a suggestion of rolling moreishness

and sophistication to any meal.

The crucial crystal crunch factor is a given - we always encourage ‘by hand’ sprinkling if only to experience this satisfaction, but also to ensure the exact distribution and grain size that you desire on each occasion.

At Blackthorn, we use 100% west coast sea water and nothing else. There are no illusions: no adding, no seeding, no bleaching, just pure Scottish sea salt. When you taste Blackthorn Salt you taste nature – the sea, the winds and the thorns.



Nothing beats an egg from happy chickens, roaming the fields!


Allow us to introduce you to Ramstane Farm – Ayrshire! Established in 2019 by Jill and Colin, Ramstane Farm is a sustainable, modern farm in Ayrshire, Scotland.


In their own words: 


"At Ramstane Farm, we have a small flock of free-range hens which are holistically managed and moved daily in order to get access to fresh grass, bugs and grubs the way mother nature intended. They are also fed an organic, soy free, gm-free food which is made using Scottish produce. The flock is a mixed flock of different breeds meaning we have a beautiful range of colourful eggs. Our birds are holistically managed outside on pasture, all year round, soaking up vitamin D and enjoying the fresh air!"


We can say one thing for sure; the smooth taste of Ramstane's eggs is addictive!



Founded by pioneering coffee obsessives in Penryn in 2013, Olfactory Coffee Roasters have devoted to find the best seasonal speciality coffees the world has to offer. The team then extensively experiment, sample and profile-roast until the very best of flavour, characteristics and sweetness out of each coffee bean has been unveiled.

Focusing on sustainable relationships with farmers and highly trusted green bean brokers, every care has been taken to ensure that every single green bean that arrives at the roastery carries a contribution towards a better future for speciality coffee.

With meticulous craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail, Olfactory Coffee Roasters strive to deliver ethically sourced, skilfully roasted, delectable coffees to the world, and actively contribute to the speciality coffee culture in Cornwall.

Located in the Old Brewery Yard in the historic town of Penryn in Cornwall, Olfactory Coffee Roasters take pride in an open door policy to the roastery, welcoming anybody wishing to find out more about the craft of roasting speciality coffee.



Made by a Prestwick lass with a love for salads, Japanese flavours and quality natural ingredients.

When a salad is soaked in Oishii (meaning 'delicious' in Japanese), you won't want it to end! 


The guys at Oishii are BIG fans of this planet, and so sustainability is REALLY important to them. They have avoided plastic and opted for glass bottles, tin lids, paper labels. They also value the importance of supporting fellow small independent businesses and therefore buy locally wherever possible. Fresh produce is sourced from Grants of Prestwick, the organic Japanese Rice vinegar is sourced from Greencity Wholefoods in Glasgow and their rapeseed oil is sourced from Cullisse farm in the Scottish highlands. 


It trully is a delightful, addictively tasty dressing, a must for all your salad creations!


Oishii comes in 5 gorgeous flavours - Original, Mild and Hot Chilli, Tomato and Lemongrass.



We are so happy to Welcome our favourite Ayrshire Butcher on site! In their own words:


"At West Coast Foods our ethos is all about quality and service, we strive to bring the finest local Scotch produce directly to our customers, produce that has been butchered and prepared by our award-winning team. All our great produce can be dispatched fresh & chilled within 24 hours of your ordering, throughout both the UK and Europe.

Here at West Coast Foods we promise to serve you with a smile and put you, our valued customer, first. We commit to selling local Scottish meat of the highest quality, from farms that care about the produce they raise. Our Master butchers promise to treat that produce with the utmost respect and prepare it for the table using time-honoured traditional methods made efficient for the modern world. We believe that knowledge, education and understanding are essential in helping the modern cook to learn so many of the vital skills that have been lost. We want to share our experience to make your mealtimes a better place; with recipes, cooking tips and advice.

A return to old-fashioned values does not have to be a step backwards, so we promise to keep our range fresh and exciting with continual ideas and innovation. Today’s world doesn’t fit in the past and we understand that each generation has very different and individual needs from those gone before."



Before opening his first shop, partner and founder Iain Mellis had worked in the British cheese industry for almost 15 years. For some time he had felt that there was a lack of opportunity to buy high quality farmhouse cheese, both in the retail and wholesale sector. After much investigation and consultation in the UK and Europe, Iain decided upon a retail philosophy.


He wanted a traditional, old fashioned sense of service and style whilst using modern technology to maintain and enhance the unique characteristics of artisan cheese.One of the most important aspects of Iain’s thinking was flavour. Farmhouse cheese differs from mass-produced factory cheese because the milk comes from a single herd rather than several different sources.

In May 1993, Iain was ready to open his first shop.

He located a small, damp, cave-like shop halfway up Victoria Street in Edinburgh’s Old Town. It was an ideal location. It was a place that could be kept cool and damp without too much trouble – perfect for storing cheese!

5 shops and a thriving online marketplace later, Mellis Cheesemongers have now been trading for over 27 years, bringing together producers and consumers for mutual benefit. The aim for the future is to continue this process while continually striving to improve.



This family business has created a simply superb Ballochmyle Ayrshire Farmhouse Brie 

using milk from their own herd of Ayrshire Cows. 


The family have been dairy farmers at East Montgarswood Farm since the early 1920’s and is

truly a family affair with husband, wife, son and daughter all lending a hand. 

Ballochmyle has been in production since 2017

and has established as a highly desirable

Scottish Brie. Learning under the watchful eye

of renowned cheese authority Kathy Biss of

West Highland Dairy, it is no wonder their Brie

is consistently excellent.


Their rich milk from Ayrshire cows, the traditional breed for this part of Scotland, is perfect for this creamy medium soft cheese. Young Brie can be served firm and fresh and for those preferring a stronger cheese it matures to a rich melting sensation on the palate.