"Soja Bakehouse" Bread Box

A tasting Box of "Soja Bakehouse" Artisan bread. 


Sourdough selection:

* White Sourdough - Traditional white sourdough bread with a dark, golden crust.

Ingredients: wheat flour, sourdough starter, salt, water

* Wholemeal - Traditional wholemeal sourdough bread with a dark crust and soft crumb.

Ingredients: white flour, wholemeal flour, dark rye flour , sourdough starter, salt, water

Granary - The granary’s flavour comes from the malted grain flour and the five seed blend. Ingredients: granary flour, white flour, sourdough starter, salt, water

* Traditional Baguette - Hand rolled baguettes, made using a classic method that allows a more substantial texture and a chewy flavourful baguette.

Ingredients: wheat four, rye flour, salt, water, yeast, white flour ferment


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"Soja Bakehouse" Bread Box