Olfactory Coffee


Olfactory Coffee Roasters signature seasonal espresso.


"With changing seasons, so will our coffees change. For this seasons for our famous Knockout blend we have chosen the delicious San Marcos La Barranca from Guatemala to complement the sweet and juicy Fazenda Cruzeiro from Brazil, which we visited back in November 2019.

Through combining the subtle acidity and delicate sweetness of this Guatemalan coffee with the chocolatey and cherry flavours of the Brazilian goodness we achieve the great synergy and flavours that Knockout stands for.

Each bean is delicious as a single origin, but when combined, they bring out the best in each other"


80%  Fazenda Cruzeiro - Brazil
20%  San Marcos La Barranca - Guatemala

Taste:   Red grape, Toffee, Cacao butter
Variety:   Rubi, Bourbon & Caturra
Process:   Natural & Washed
Altitude:   1000 - 1500 masl

Olfactory Coffee