Ballochmyle Farmhouse Brie

This family business has created a simply superb Ballochmyle Ayrshire Farmhouse Brie using milk from their own herd of Ayrshire Cows. The family have been dairy farmers at East Montgarswood Farm since the early 1920’s and is truly a family affair with husband, wife, son and daughter all lending a hand. Ballochmyle has been in production since 2017 and has established as a highly desirable Scottish Brie. Learning under the watchful eye of renowned cheese authority Kathy Biss of West Highland Dairy, it is no wonder their Brie is consistently excellent.


Their rich milk from Ayrshire cows, the traditional breed for this part of Scotland, is perfect for this creamy medium soft cheese. Young Brie can be served firm and fresh and for those preferring a stronger cheese it matures to a rich melting sensation on the palate.


Style: Soft

Milk variety: Cow

Origin: Scotland


200g Average Weight

Ballochmyle Farmhouse Brie